Locked"catch-all" mail settings

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2009/10/31 02:22:56 (permalink)

"catch-all" mail settings

is the first mailbox created by the system a catch-all (meaning it will catch all mails for the domain that is not catched by other mailboxes) and how can we control this behavior? disable it completly as this is/should be the norm or allow the webadmin to control who has this spam-catching behaviour?

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    Re:"catch-all" mail settings 2009/11/04 02:30:10 (permalink)
    HC enable 'Catch all ' only on first mailbox added with mail domain. And it don't allow to enable on other mailboxes.
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    Re:"catch-all" mail settings 2009/11/09 14:29:49 (permalink)
    ok, to combat spam maybe it would be a possible feature in the next version to

    1) disable catch-all altogether?
    2) and/or change what acount is the catch-all
    3) delete the inital emailaddress created by the system

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