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2009/10/31 02:30:06 (permalink)

click-install - outdated versions

we bought this and HC installed it - we have not had a change to see if it works and how it works yet but see from the version that they are very outdated - at least for DNN

how/when are version updated? what does the moeny we paid for this cover? do we need to pay for updates also or?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:click-install - outdated versions 2009/11/01 21:33:49 (permalink)
    Our team frequently update click apps and release in the new builds. In recent build4 we have updated these version
    Wordpress, phpbb, Joomla and PHPmyadmin.

    In build6 target update version are
    Mamboo, DNN, OScommerce, MylittleAdmin.
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    Re:click-install - outdated versions 2009/11/02 10:18:26 (permalink)
    well, what is frequent :)

    Im running build 4 and for DNN it says

    DotNetNuke is the most widely adopted framework for building websites and web applications on Microsoft ASP.NET.

    and not only are we looong past 4.9, there has also been a stable 5 for long time and all of them have had critical updates.

    just as intereseting: is there a way to update this myself? is there an article of where to put things - maybe its as simple as putting the install ZIP somewhere - then it would make sense to keep it updated ourself.

    Right now we just paid for something we cannot actually use/offer our users. We would look like fools and very unprof. if we offered click and install functionality with versions this outdated.

    anyway - information about how to update ourself would solve everything. Is there an aticle on this I missed?
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:click-install - outdated versions 2009/11/02 20:28:24 (permalink)

    well, what is frequent :)

    mean click apps upgrade been done by HC team on regular bases. Currently DNN 5.1 version is available and that's going to be available in coming builds.

    How to update/integrate a existing or new website application in the click apps list , please visit this page.
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    Re:click-install - outdated versions 2009/11/03 02:22:48 (permalink)
    ok, super
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