Lockedrequest: dont show internal IPs to users

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2009/10/31 02:43:23 (permalink)

request: dont show internal IPs to users

we are runing NAT setup for our servers. This gives a lot of confusion to users since HC are displaying internal IPs everywhere. Alt least show external IPs and best show domainnames.

It should pref. be possible to do things like if the user creates a database then it will add mysql.[domain] to the zone and tell the user to use this.

2. best: show ofcause external IPs and let the admin write description help for the database, mail and so on. The admin could create a database server and as part of the options/settings he could write a "connect descrition setting" to be like "for servername use 'mysql12.hostdomain.com'" and when the user is createing a database he will see this note.

the last should be easy to implement at least.

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    Re:request: dont show internal IPs to users 2009/11/05 06:55:10 (permalink)
    HC please don't change this implementation.. It is much secure to display private IP than public.

    There absolutely no confusion & issue in listing private IP in different section.

    Websites efficiency= Okay
    Dns zone creation = Okay
    Database connectivity = Okay
    click apps installation = Okay
    Mail domain = Okay

    Using private Ip in the website script for db connection dont make any issue as db server would have in same network. Example is click apps installation on those website.
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    Re:request: dont show internal IPs to users 2009/11/09 14:47:05 (permalink)
    Im my opinion there is a reason we have DNS so in any case HC should use DNS as much as possible. Users should use DNS in scripts not internal, not external IPs, so my biggest request would be for HC to fix the admin to use DNS names not internal or external IPs.

    The cases I see, where my customers would need a IP and not a DNS is 1) if they are actually handling DNS on other DNS servers than ours or 2) the DNS is not in place yet / moved / deligated yet

    in both cases they would never every need internal IPs of cause so because of HCs display of internal IPs now I have customers ask, what is this strange IP, why does it not work when I enter the IP in outlook and stuff like this. We dont have the luxury of Your clever customers Im affraid :)

    I also consider NAT a security improvement - we are using it :) BUT I would be very interested in hearing why you think showing internal IPs to customers has any impact on increasing security? Showing external IPs to your customer is a security risk? How do you think its different from allowing DNS to resolve to your external IPs of your mailserver and www server? :)

    and why you think its better to show internal IPs than DNS information?
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