LockedMigrate website from Ensim Pro to HC8

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2009/11/03 01:06:10 (permalink)

Migrate website from Ensim Pro to HC8


I have website hosted under Ensim Pro for windows, I want to migrate my website to new HC8 server.


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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Migrate website from Ensim Pro to HC8 2009/11/03 01:12:46 (permalink)
    For importing Websites, DNS Zones, Databases and Mail domains into HC panel, please follow the instructions given in below kb


    Let us know if you have any question about it.
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    Re:Migrate website from Ensim Pro to HC8 2009/11/03 04:01:27 (permalink)
    Thanks, but still I can not import website, I installed HC8 on Emsim server, then I added server from Server Manager in HC host admin.
    now I can select server from Import website option but showing no user found.

    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Migrate website from Ensim Pro to HC8 2009/11/03 19:58:15 (permalink)
    Have you created a reseller in HC panel ?
    Secondly if you are not importing user with domain then did you created a webadmin (End User ) to import that site ?

    Before importing test the control panel and make sure you can create a test user and website in HC.

    Here are some good info which helps in starting work in the  HC panel

    How to start work in HC panel

    1= Enable 3rd party installed tools in HC panel like Dns, Ftp, Mail server, Scripting etc, Go to “HCadmin :: Server Manager :: Global Setting ” (Enable only those one which are installed )
    See Flash tutorial : http://hostingcontroller.com/english/support/HC8Manuals/videos/GlobalSettings/GlobalSettings2.htm
    Then Add Server in the cluster, which usually we do with installation, but if it is not then you can do it from HCadmin :: Server manager :: Add server
    See Flash Tutorial : http://hostingcontroller.com/english/support/HC8Manuals/videos/AddServer/AddServer.htm

    2= Configure path of different applications in HC panel like ‘ WebSite root folder, Dns, Mail, databases Server from “ HCadmin :: Server Manager :: Edit Server “.
    3= Update User Profile See flash tutorial
    4= Create reseller into HC8 panel who can only create websites/webadmin from ‘ User Manager :: Add User “

    5= Login in HC as reseller and create package plan which he will offer to their end user from ‘ Hosting Plan :: Add Plan “.

    6= Create website from reseller level interface path “ WebSite :: Add WebSite “

    7= All website related applications are located in menu “ TOOL “

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