Lockedparked domains and how they are created

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2009/11/03 03:03:54 (permalink)

parked domains and how they are created


when adding a parked domain to a domain on a linux server only www.thedomain.com is added as a alias to httpd.conf - not thedomain.com - feature or bug? I dont see why only www is added, but maybe leave it to the admin to deside if he wants only access on www or both

also a request for future version: aliasing/parking a domain should also work for emails.

dont know if its only on linux or the same is a problem on windows.

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    Re:parked domains and how they are created 2009/11/04 01:07:25 (permalink)
    In case of IIS both domain name and www.domain.com are put as HostHeaders because this is the way of IIS to configure shared hosting. But in case of apache domain name is put as ServerName and www.domainname is put as ServerAlias. so whenever a new Host Header request comes against a domain we always put it in ServerAlias directive, and whenever a request comes for Host Header listing of a domain we return all the entries in the ServerAlias directive of the requested domain.
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    Re:parked domains and how they are created 2009/11/09 14:35:37 (permalink)
    ok, but it is fixable in a upcomming release that only www.thealias.com is added as a ServerAlias - not thealias.com?

    and is it fixable that mail is not aliased also?
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