LockedErrors with emails and others

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2009/11/21 15:05:25 (permalink)

Errors with emails and others

Firstly when i receive an email from admin with a link to click to confirm this is what i get. (link not complete)
Please click on this link to
let us confirm about this operation.
This is exactly how i receive it. First part linked till links broken at line change.?
How can i correct this. Thanks

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Errors with emails and others 2009/11/24 22:29:57 (permalink)
    The first of link which include in the confirmation link(http://localhost:8787)  depends on the URL from which you would access panel and perform action. For example if you use url http://domain.com/admin then in the confirmation email same URL will automatically included.

    All those emails which HC send for confirmation has 2 type of links
    1= Hyper link URL
    2= Manual link (copy paste in the browser )

    So far we have tested different scenario and didn't find any broken template.
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