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2009/12/09 15:27:03 (permalink)

PHP Access Violation

Hi, i get this error when visiting sitebuilder/joola which was created successfully.
PHP as encountered an Access Violation at 02796AC7A
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Re:PHP Access Violation 2009/12/09 22:07:54 (permalink)
    It is totally related to php application but maybe below instructions help you

    1= Give Everyone User full permissions on php installation folder

    2= Remove OpenBase_dir registry for this website in start--run--regedit--HKey-local_machine --- Softwares---Php-- expand to the webspace directory, find that domain.com entry and delete it.
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    Re:PHP Access Violation 2009/12/10 03:06:54 (permalink)
    None of that helped, ive searched the net for approx 8 hours last night and noones got a clue. This must be solvable, any ideas would be appreciated.
    This didnt happen during a previous install on a 1x 3.0mhz processor machine. Its now installd on a 4x3.0 mhz processor machine.
    I CAN visit test.php successfully.
    Ive exhausted my attempts after reading it could be php/ext, upload_dir and other path related settings in php. Multiprocessor machines, and really all eveyone talks about is whats causing it but no solutions.
    Exact settings have been made (copied from previous install) in php.ini
    Ive also uninstalled and installed several times and am now using  abinary install of 5.2.10, 5.2.9 and a about to try an older version.????
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    Re:PHP Access Violation 2009/12/10 05:49:21 (permalink)
    Im now getting a different error.

    Invalid access to memory location?
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    Re:PHP Access Violation 2009/12/10 06:28:06 (permalink)
    Fixed this issue installing php as OTHER CGI.
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