LockedA word of caution before upgrading to HC8 latest build

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2009/12/09 23:20:40 (permalink)

A word of caution before upgrading to HC8 latest build

To those who are planning to upgrade to HC 8 build 5, here is a word of caution. If you have not yet installed the build, don't do it yet as I have found a critical bug with the new build. After installing the new build, the log file creation for all the websites gets stopped. In other words, IIS no longer creates log files for the websites. The event log shows an error event similar to the following

Owner of the log file or directory \W3SVC1282935486 is invalid. This could be because another user has already created the log file or the directory. Here, \W3SVC1282935486 will be replaced to the path of the log folder for each website.

I have notified HC support about this today and am waiting for a reply from them. I hope HC resolves this issue immediately and provides us with a patch. Till then if we can revert to build 4, it would be great.


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