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2009/12/10 10:31:34 (permalink)

Admin Folder Of Script Not Accessible

I just installed a script which included an admin folder to administer the php script.
However i cannot log in to the admin because when i created the domein name it creeated a hcadmin virtual folder/link/virtual directory?
ie i created mydomain.com which created 4 virtual directories: admin, MEAdin, MeWebAdmin and Stats.
This is a problem becuase the script i installed (its admin folder) isnt accessible (it doesnt even show)
ie if i brows to http://mydomain.com/admin i am redirected to the hcadmin login page.
How do i disable this function and acceess the php script admin section?
PS i was instructed i could change it in My Seerver > General settings...
That didnt help cos i saw no relative virtual folder called admin.

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Admin Folder Of Script Not Accessible 2009/12/10 22:34:51 (permalink)
    HC panel virtual directory name set by default is ' Admin '. If you want to change it then login in HC panel as HCadmin or Reseller go to " My Server === Web Server Setting ===> Change the admin virtual directory name.

    Note: This setting will reflect only with new domain creation.
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