Lockedhc7 webserver and haproxy

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2009/12/18 23:55:50 (permalink)

hc7 webserver and haproxy

hi, we use to build our webserver and dbserver with a redundant failover  solution based on haproxy and san storage. we'd like to know if it is possible to build it also for the webservers running with hc ( 7 or 8). would licenses have issues because of the two different ip's? of course, if it needs two same license for the same www role  is not this the problem.


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    Re:hc7 webserver and haproxy 2009/12/21 11:51:29 (permalink)
    There is no issue with any thing except SAN storage that is not yet supported with Hosting Controller. This is in our to do list and will be supported soon.
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