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2010/01/11 10:40:02 (permalink)

mail.domain host


We run our mailservers behind a load balancer.
While we use HC to communicate with only one server on the pool (so, the communications IP address is the same as the one in the service configuration, directly to that server), we would like to have all the domains, when created, pointing the mail.domain hostname to the load balancer IP address, not to the single server's IP address.
But, if we customize the DNS records on the service properties, it just adds a second mail.domain A record on the DNS server with this rule, instead of substituting the original one added by HC, that we obviously would not like to have published on the DNS server at all, even if it is a higher or smaller priority.
How could we do that? We have that question open on the support ticket for more than a month and got absolutely no reply.

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    HC Team
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    Re:mail.domain host 2010/01/11 23:25:01 (permalink)
    You can remove original MX record and add of your own choice from Server Manager :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: DNS Server. If it is something not working for you then give us the ticket reference # so we can sort out the issue for you.
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    Re:mail.domain host 2010/01/14 08:45:09 (permalink)

    Main problem is, there is no such original MX record in that location. HC is adding it automatically from Merak's main IP setting.
    HC Team
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    Re:mail.domain host 2010/01/16 09:19:41 (permalink)
    Please specify the version of HC you are running on the servers.
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    Re:mail.domain host 2010/01/29 04:14:33 (permalink)
    Hi, HC

    Can you please check ticket 196-12F58D73-37AE on this issue?

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