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2010/01/14 10:02:31 (permalink)

Site builder for HC?

Dear sir,

Id like to know if there are any plans regarding having a SITE BUILDER application in HC, which other panels already have for long time. I found many posts about this, but nothing conclusive.


In some post, once, I was told about some site builder that would be integrated, but it didnt look like a very good alternative and I cannot find that post.


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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/15 02:38:05 (permalink)
    Which site builder you  recommend to be included in HC panel ?
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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/18 12:59:03 (permalink)

    Well, I think the most well known is the SiteBuilder from SWSoft. But I dont think its that good either.

    Im looking at this one http://www.cm4all.com/en/products.html (CM4all site creator). Im checking pricing with them, as its not clear on their site, you have to contact them for both pricing and to get access to a demo version. But they have already told me they can integrate with control panels and it really seems nice.

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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/23 07:12:27 (permalink)
    That one is a bit expensive.

    One idea is to offer Google pages, you can set a C NAME to point your customer domain to it.

    Or Sitebuilder by SWSoft. That seems to be the main one.

    Anyone have additional suggestions?

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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/23 07:24:39 (permalink)
    Sitebuilder from Parallels seems to be really nice, I checked latest version. And has a cheap monthly cost...

    Could it be integrated.

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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/25 06:02:56 (permalink)
    Site Builder belong to hc competitor.... I don't think HC team could consider this request :)
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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/26 06:10:05 (permalink)
    Hi, Patrick

    Yes, I thought of that also. But there seems to be no other good option.

    If Swsoft has API for it, still it could be considered. After all were improving HC, which doesnt have any 1 clicker while other control panels do. On the other hand, HC shouldn't be worried, if they trust HC quality, etc. about doing this.

    Ive seen other cases, for example there are folks here that do hosting and use Google analytics. Its a competitor, their customer might go to Google hosting. But they dont...

    But I understand your point. Its just that Sitebuilder seems to be the only quality option that has a good price... But like you said, not sure if either HC nor Swsoft would like to do that type of partnership :)

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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/26 06:31:28 (permalink)
    Fantastico gives 2 sites builder has anyone tested them ? if they are good then we can made integration request of it

    1= Soholaunch Pro Edition
    2= Templates Express
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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/26 14:37:29 (permalink)
    Thanks, Patrick. Isnt this just for Linux?

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    Re:Site builder for HC? 2010/01/26 21:41:24 (permalink)
    They are php/mysql base builder, so It should work on windows end as well. But personally I never used them. If someone used them and they think it is worthy then we can use this channel to request HC for its integration.
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