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2010/01/21 23:50:51 (permalink)

request: addon pricing per plan


the addon setup has some errors (all send to support@ and some mentionen in other threads). But we also have a request for future versions. Let the pricing be related to the plans sold.

we are used to this possibility and it gives a very good way of handling different customers needs. Example.

We have two plans. One is cheap, to get the customer "in" and has not to many things to offer. Not to much diskspace and so on. An other plan is more expensive and has everything a man wants in a hostingplan. Lots of space and bandwith and mssql maybe even.

so what happens if two customers having each one of the mentioned plans and then start running out of, lets say "diskspace".

The first customer is the "prime customer". He wanted the big hostingplan from the start and just is a big user. And big spender. We want to sell him more diskspace of cause but we also want to appriciate the fact that he picked the big plan so his diskspace is maybe 120,- kr. per year.

Now the 2. customer wanted to get everything cheap. Entry level hostingplan and he for sure does not want to upgrade the plan. He just wants/needs more diskspace. This is a customer we want to service with more diskspace of cause, but maybe not the same appriciation as the first one. His diskspace price is there for 200,- kr.

And this might be setup for a lot of different addons. The small webhotel/hostingplan that needs to be expanded with a MSSQL should probably also paymore for this than the customer with the big hostingplan - he is paying a lot and maybe a bit to much already.

so BIG REQUEST for furture billing changes: let us setup addon pricing as a default price and possibility to setup specific princing per hostingplan also.

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