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handy tools for HC8 (Windows)

I've been developing some handy tools which can be used for HC8. I've created 3 tools so far (For Windows):
- When you build 1 phpmyadmin site, I have a tool which checks up the MSSQL Database for new domains, if so, it creates a binding phpmyadmin.domain.com to that site.
if you define A record in HC for phpmyadmin, it should work to have every newly created site to have phpmyadmin.newdomain.com.
Why would you want this?
- Cause i'm a fan of using phpmyadmin.domain.com and not domain.com/phpmyadmin
- Cause in this way a customer / client does not have to do anything and phpmyadmin is ready installed.
- Cause in this way you save disk space, cause every time a customer creates phpmyadmin takes some disk space, which does not have to happen 1000 times, but just 1.In this way you can even disable PHPMyAdmin from the Click&InstallApps menu.
- I also wrote this same tool from PHPMyAdmin for MyLittleAdmin.
- And I wrote another tool like this (For MailEnable!): 
which makes webmail.domain.com possible instead of domain.com/webmail
I wrote the tool which also checks up the MSSQL Database for new domains, when the tool runs, it will add binding for MailEnable webmail and webadmin everytime a new domain is created, it even creates it with custom settings. MailEnable has 4 txt files which keeps up settings from Webmail / Webadmin, like language , what postoffice etc. also this is configured good.
All the tools also clean up their mess when a domain is deleted :)
These are 3 powerfull tools which I created with new tools coming up, maybe like filezilla support for ftp.
If you are interested in buying them, I'm offering them very cheap and it is even possible to have something build like this or adding new features on this tool. Let me know.
You can contact me at info@marcodegroot.nl
Requirements of the tools:
It is now tested on:
Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
MailEnable 3.63
IIS 7.5 and IIS 7
Hosting Controller 8
It is not tested on other platforms but I'm sure this will work on more, and if it is not it is easy to make it work. I can even make this work at Linux. (without MailEnable ofcourse)
This is also a tool which is not INTEGRATED in HC, it is completely working external, so won't damage if HC does an upgrade :).
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