LockedBUG: idn names not handled correct

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2010/02/17 23:44:34 (permalink)

BUG: idn names not handled correct

first a request. It would be perfect if HC where to handle this "user friendly" meaning that you can enter a domain like    "pmjtrå.dk" instead of the more strangelooking and unfriendly for human reading  "xn--pmjtr-qra.dk" and then HC would transform as needed when creating the domain on DNS servers webservers and what have you.

When actually needing to create a domain like this there are some bugs.

I asked support first: should I use one or the other format and got the anwser "use xn--pmjtr-qra.dk". So I did but its not working on IIS7/Windows 2008 as it actually only understands the "pmjtrå.dk" version. Actually since its also creating "admin.xn--pmjtr-qra.dk" as a binding to the HC it self this site, HC admin, also stops working.

For fun I wanted to see what happens if you create a website with "pmjtrå.dk" as the domain. HC does not complain. Its even saying everything was ok. But its not. DNS is not created. Its created ok on the IIS7 it seams - has not testet to much more.

strangely I have just noticed that on Gene6/FTP there are users created for all webhotels even if the users are NOT in HC? Why is that and how is the password set for them. If they are not actually used (why are they created at all) but there is some reason for them to be there, maybe they could be disabled when created?

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