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2010/04/30 09:04:54 (permalink)

RBX is not functioning

I would suggest everybody to stay away from RBX as it is one of the most pathetic tools available. I have rented a RBX license for a server a few days ago so that we can backup the complete data and migrate the same to another server. However, I found that the RBX does not backup the following

1. Mailboxes (I am using Smartermail, not sure about other mail servers, but damn sure they are not backed up either)
2. MS SQL Databases
3. HC Database

All it backs up is the websites' data, the smartermail server config file containing all the domains and email accounts information, a xml file for the MS SQL databases and the users, awstats data, DNS zones and mysql data. As a result to rely on RBX to migrate or for disaster recovery will not be fruitful at all as it fails to backup some critical data. I had contacted the support team with the issue to which they said I should upgrade to the latest hotfix of HC and RBX. After doing so, it did not even backup a single file for more than 7 hours. I replied them back with the issue and they looked into my server, did some settings and replied me back saying the webserver, the mail server and the DNS server was backed up and a few databases were failing because the db users for those databases were not showing in the Database manager of HC. I said fair enough, what about the data which is not being backed up and I was told to manually migrate the mailboxes, the databases and even the HC database. Does it make sense to do so? And imagine, RBX fails to take backup of the HC Database too. If this is the case with backup, then I cannot imagine what will I encounter at the time of the restoration.

The guys don't have the guts to admit it is a bug in the RBX utility and that it would be fixed. I had insisted on the RBX to the customer for smooth migration and now at the time of the migration, the RBX is failing. Wonder how will I face the customer?

I would strongly recommend everybody to stay away from the stupid utility named RBX.


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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/05/01 05:51:33 (permalink)
    I think the best solution to do backup is using Acronis.
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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/05/02 23:57:41 (permalink)
    I have a few questions, can you reply?

    1. Does Acronis take entire server backup so that the same can be restored on a new server? 2. Will it also restore the users with passwords and the directory permissions?
    3. Is it useful for Migration?
    4. Which version of Acronis should be used?

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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/05/03 00:00:49 (permalink)
    Another question I have is does Acronis take snapshot backup? To restore it on another server, should the new server should have the same configuration as the older one?
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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/05/03 03:01:28 (permalink)

    I think the best solution to do backup is using Acronis.

    Does it auto backup and restore the computer management user with ACL permissions ?
    As User/acl permission is the most difficult part in migration and moving rest of application i.e mail/db/dns is piece of cake.
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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/09/26 20:57:37 (permalink)
    I have tested R1Soft CDP server and found it to be good to backup any server with Bare-Metal Restore option.
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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/09/27 11:58:36 (permalink)
    From RBX backup we can retrieve the data of any particular user but I think this option is not available in R1Soft. Can you retrieve the data of any particular user from snapshot of R1Soft.
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    Re:Stay away from RBX 2010/09/28 08:43:12 (permalink)
    In R1Soft CDP, you can restore individual files and folders from the backup. While the standard edition offers only this feature, the enterprise edition offers both individual file/folder restore as well as Bare-Metal Restore.
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