LockedWhat is the corect method of adding people ?

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2010/06/26 12:09:46 (permalink)

What is the corect method of adding people ?

At the minute i have me as main admin but to put a website domain up i had to ass a reseller then another user is this corect ?
Atm i need two accounts one for me and one for another website i wish to host, is there a coret way of doing this so i dont have 10 users added jsut to make 2 websites ?
And say john comes to me, hey i love your site id like some webhosting off you, how do you go about doing it corectly ?
thank you
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    Re:What is the corect method of adding people ? 2010/06/29 06:07:07 (permalink)
    HCnix don't allow to host domain directly under the admin user. There shall be 1 reseller minimum under which you will create webadmin (end user ) to create website.
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