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2010/06/26 12:32:21 (permalink)

The proper way creating hosting plans

Hi there guys, (i think im posting to myself but we will see)
What is the propper way of creating  hosting plans pls
Lets say i want the following plans
unlimited email/database trafic ect
20 gb hd space/20 email addresses/
10 gb hd ect but you get the idea
basic email package
basic ftp package
Does anyone have any ideas on what woudl be about right ?
Thank you

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    Re:The proper way creating hosting plans 2010/06/29 06:21:25 (permalink)
    Linux Personal Plan 
    This is an ideal package for personal website hosting..

    1000 MB WebSpace
    10 GB Bandwidth 
    1 Free Domain Registration
    15 Email Accounts
    1 MySQL Databases
    3 Sub Domains

    Windows Express Plan 
    Business class package that caters small Business owners and more discerning webmasters. 

    7500 MB Web Space
    150 GB Bandwidth
    Instant Hosting Account Setup
    2 Free domain registration
    5 Add-on Domains Allowed 
    10 Sub Domains Allowed
    PHP, mySQL Support
    75 Emails Accounts

    You can extend/reduce services like php/mysql/mail. The important one which does matter in hosting package is Disk space and Bandwidth
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