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2010/06/28 06:50:31 (permalink)

bad idea?

whats the point of the files created and included in the HTTPD conf file
??? We are still affraid to really strat moving users to HC, but the few we have done have a tendency to delete this file wich then makes HTTPD stop working when the config is reloaded, the server restarted, the serivce restarted and things like this. It seams they are empty files anyway, and Im also not sure I fint it interesting that my users can inculde stuff in the apache setup based on there own ideas and minds?
whats the idea behind this file and why should it be there and why is it something the users can alter and delete with the result of halting apache?
what am I missing?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:bad idea? 2010/06/29 05:52:52 (permalink)
    This was the feature request which we received from lot of HC customers to provide an option where user can customize their virtual host. That's why we included this conf file in every domain. Yes its an empty file which user can insert their require customization.

    We agree that delete command shouldn't be included which we will remove in build9.
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    Re:bad idea? 2010/06/29 06:07:05 (permalink)
    there are options in the HC admin to edit and delete this file?

    I was more thinking the problem was that you could delete it by ftp access even and the users are seeing this file they dont know what its and thinks "oh, lets delete it" :)

    but again, how can you check and prevent a complete halt of the server after a user misspelled something in this file, made it non-valid or something?
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    Re:bad idea? 2010/07/13 03:32:30 (permalink)
    In coming build we will make this file non-deletable from panel (No delete link will be shown). And also this file will be made non-deletable using ftp.
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    Re:bad idea? 2010/07/13 03:37:36 (permalink)

    To that end.... there are more ways to easy bring down a HC controlled server - intented or not.

    as a user with FTP access, simply (by mistake or not knowing any better) delete all files and folders. We are still only in testing and very, very limited product but has already had this a few times. They upload files and think, njaaa, I will delete and reupload again. Just they do not delete the files in www/html but in mydomain.dk/

    this will also delete /logs/httpd folders and when apache next time reloads/restarts by HC, apache will fail to start at all.
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    Re:bad idea? 2010/07/14 08:30:06 (permalink)
    This will be handled in any coming build of HC panel.
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