LockedSSL for Exchange 2010

2010/08/23 09:59:19 (permalink)

SSL for Exchange 2010

Do you recommend to setup WildCard certificate or UCC with exchange 2010

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    Re:SSL for Exchange 2010 2010/08/23 10:34:39 (permalink)

    For exchange environment recommended SSL is Unified Communications Certificate (SANS UCC Certificate). It allow to secure OWA, SMTP, Autodiscovery, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere with one certificate i.e


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    Re:SSL for Exchange 2010 2010/10/26 04:12:51 (permalink)
    What is the best way to go for SSL?
    reading UCC Certificates are expensive?
    Re:SSL for Exchange 2010 2010/10/26 23:12:59 (permalink)
    As far as you running Exchange then you dont have too look into Cost, Becuase if you try to save money from SSL what about if one of module doesnot work becuase of Such kind of SSL.
    So walid card and SSL is best spending $300 per year is not big deal man where customer are going to pay you alot.
    Note there are many things like autodiscovery, Active sync and owa willnot work without https.
    Re:SSL for Exchange 2010 2011/08/12 20:51:14 (permalink)
    Previously we were using comodo UCC but it was expensive, check the price list of commonly use UCC SSL
    Digicert : $325 (cover 3 hostname )
    Comodo: $285 (cover 3 hostname)
    Godaddy : $89 (cover 5 hostname )
    This week we chose Godaddy and its perfect, why shall someone spend extra $$$ if the functionality are same. Go for godaddy UCC if you wanna reduce your business expense :)
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