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Dude James
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2010/09/02 11:09:45 (permalink)

HCnix features

Hey Guys,

I have installed hcnix yesterday on my linux server. was having some difficulties but your support team & live chat has helped me alot in understanding nix panel.

I wonder when you ppl are planning to release the new build of nixhc as i have heard from your support team that whmcs will be supported to nix with the new build.  is it right? and what other features I can see in the new build


D. James

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    HC Team
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    Re:HCnix features 2010/09/02 12:19:45 (permalink)
    Thank you for your appreciation. HCNix next Build will be released within next 3 to 4 weeks.
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    Re:HCnix features 2010/09/07 02:19:35 (permalink)
    For successful execution,full integration of HCnix is must.
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