LockedProblems with the installed version of webalizer...

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2010/10/01 08:19:18 (permalink)

Problems with the installed version of webalizer...

I'm using HC7C for a while, with few problems, but a few days ago a client showed me that the webalizer statistics for his domain were no longer updating, I figured it was just something to do with a changed file, so I went and ran the program myself. It always (and I mean ALWAYS) stops at July 2009, no matter what I do, I've eliminated the history file, removed older log files (which just show up again), I've tried newer versions (which don't even work at all). The date on the system is fine, the log files seem correct (though the newer ones now start as ex10 instead of ex09, but there are already plenty of files still in 2009). I've checked the options for the conf file, they seem to be correct (although the option FolderLog isn't mentioned anywhere, the stonesteps version uses LogDir, and the other version I found 2.21-0x doesn't even have an IIS option) though non standard.
Is this a webalizer you guys created? If so, is this a bug?

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