LockedSharePoint 3.0 not working

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2010/10/24 20:39:51 (permalink)

SharePoint 3.0 not working

Running Server 03 Web Edition SP2
Control Panel Version :  7C   Build No. :  7.00.0020
SharePoint 3.0
MSSQL 05 Express
When I try to install a SharePoint site HC gives the following error:
75300000 : Error occurred while adding SharePoint site.
Not much to go one with that error
I checked logs files in Sharepoint at:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS
and nothing logged

I checked log files for MSSQL and nothing logged
Any Ideas?

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    Re:SharePoint 3.0 not working 2010/10/25 04:07:13 (permalink)
    Sharepoint installation in Standalone environment with HC is not supported . If you want Sharepoint to work with HC then you will have to install it in Active Directory Domain, for that you will have to first join this server to AD Domain and then install WSS 3.0.
    You need to confirm from Support department of HC that do they supported wss 3.0 in hc 7 build 20. because i am running hc8 i have no idea about hc7
    Re:SharePoint 3.0 not working 2010/10/25 12:35:02 (permalink)
    Is your HC Remoting service running under Domain\Administrator account on Sharepoint server?
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    Re:SharePoint 3.0 not working 2010/10/25 23:14:22 (permalink)
    See these article below which may help:
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    Re:SharePoint 3.0 not working 2010/11/01 23:38:24 (permalink)
    Thanks for your post
    HC seems to reqire Active Directory from your notes and Server 03 Web Edition doesn't support full Active Directory
    Will it still work?
    Has anyone got it to work on Web Edtion?
    Re:SharePoint 3.0 not working 2010/11/02 00:38:35 (permalink)
    Installation of Share Point without Active Directory is not supported with Hosting controller. I have experienced this issue and HC support team told me to install with active directory and with mssql 2005 without intera database then it will work. i followed and now working fine.
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