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2010/10/27 07:59:45 (permalink)

Migration of Merak Mail server

I am currently using Merak mail server on windows 2003 32bit server and I want to migrate it to new server which is windows 2008 64 bit. Can someone explain how can I migrate the current data to  new server and configure it with HC panel. There are almost 60 mail domains and more than 400 mailboxes on old server.

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    Re:Migration of Merak Mail server 2010/10/27 23:33:54 (permalink)
    RBX is an addon to HC panel which can help in moving all data related to HC from old server to new server. There is one limitation to it that it restores only maildomains and mailboxes in the Mail Server. So, for moving mails data you would require to consult with the Merak Kbs. I hope the following Kb may help you:
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    Re:Migration of Merak Mail server 2010/11/07 09:01:49 (permalink)
    The easiest way to do is to backup the entire configuration using the built-in Merak backup tool and restore it in the new server. You can use Robocopy to copy the emails along with the mailboxes to the new server.
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