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2010/11/27 03:02:48 (permalink)

Whmcs issue

  We have configured HC with WHMCS and everithing was working fine.
but after installing new build 09 many section in WHMCS are inaccessible :
we can not access server from setup in WHMCS
we can not create any host from WHMCS.
we have opened a ticket for HC support and after 6 days and some investigation they replied the following message:
WHMCS was not found to be configured at all in HC panel and it was neither found under Billing Manager :: Configure Billing nor any API was configured on even a single website which is the pre-requisite for configuring WHMCS on the server.


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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/11/27 03:35:35 (permalink)
    Please stop by passing wrong statement  about build9. We have tested this already and confirmed with other customers as well and there is no issue.
    You should consult with this kb to configure whmcs with HC http://portal.hostingcontroller.com/KB/a24/how-to-use-whmcs-in-hosting-controller.aspx
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/01 08:52:53 (permalink)
    Your guys can not fix the problem!!
    My Ticket Number is: 2CF-147EB0B1-0F13
    We have 8 License from HC But now we prefer to switch to another control panel (maybe Pleask).
    I am not passing wrong state .
    If you have not any issue please solve the problem.
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/12 04:48:37 (permalink)
    My WHMCS is still working after upgrading the build even... I can able to create host and also access my server. @ Powernet : I think you got some configuration problem. have you checked your all configurations one more time? 
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/12 07:12:39 (permalink)
    Hello techMate,
    Have you tried everything in your system?
    I'm using WHMCS too.
    My cluster is like below:
    1 Server  windows 2003 for windows plan main server in the cluster
    1 Server linux CentOS 5.3 for linux plan
    2 Linux CentoOS 5,3 used only as DNS server 
    I use MailEnable as mailserver installed on windows server
    This sistem was well working before build 9 installation, and now I have some issues but for that HC is investigating.
    I list my issues asking you if that is working well on your WHMCS system:
    1) can't sell linux plan to new client the error message is: "There are not enough allocated resources to sell plan" , I can assure  that resource are unlimited and plan correctly configured, indeed I can sell linux plan if I go to HC panel create the new client manually and after I can sell linux plan from WHMCS to the created client.
    2) AWstats are not created on sold plan from WHMCS
    3) Acces to MailEnable webmail virtual directory after latest build installation require windows authentication.
    4)Default page is note create on linux Website (only from WHMCS) created as I told in point 1
    5) The following is a HC limitation: ; you can't sell to the same webadmin,linux and windows plan or viceversa, eg. if you sold to a webadmin A a windows plan and want after to sell  a linux plan you can't, but you need to create a new account B  because A can buy only windows and B will buy only linux.  
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/15 12:09:09 (permalink)
    I am using whmcs 4.3.1 and there is no issue with me with new account creation on linux box.
    Module Command Error
    Website created successfully.
    Which version you are using ?
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/15 14:25:35 (permalink)
    I'm using WHMCS 4.3.1 and it was working correctly with HC 8 build 8, the problem started after build 9 installation.
    Are you using HC 8 build 9 too?
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/15 14:31:17 (permalink)
    Yup I am using build9 where new domain/user are creating on linux box.  I have noticed one thing it does create mail domain but don't display in panel strange.
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/16 05:17:14 (permalink)
    ah I feel myself lucky as I do not face any issue with WHMCS in build9 :) but I got other issues like mailbox creation and DNS zones listing. And after almost 3 weeks they have fixed these issues in latest installer.
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/16 05:19:48 (permalink)
    Its because you might using single server in the cluster, whereas we have 6 servers (4 win, 2 Lnx) in the cluster.
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/16 06:17:39 (permalink)
    No I am using 2 servers in HC cluster 1 windows and 1 Linux
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/16 06:52:39 (permalink)
    Yah but one more thing on my windows server I have only mail and DNS role and no web role that may be the reason that my WHMCS is working like a charm.
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/22 02:34:40 (permalink)
    We have found the reason of this issue, actually since whmcs 4.3 version they have changed the parameter at their end due to which HC integration with whmcs has been broken in whmcs 4.3 and 4.4 version. 
    Current HC integration with whmcs will work fine if you use 4.1.x version.
    Right now our management are in contact with Whmcs team to resolve this issue on high priority and hopefully very soon we will provide new integration solution for the customers.
    We will update you once it done. Thanks for your patience with us.
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    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/22 08:54:25 (permalink)
    I am using build9 and having no issue with WHMCS. It is working fine.
    Re:Whmcs issue 2010/12/22 09:14:12 (permalink)
    Wich WHMCS version are you using?
    How many servers have you clustered in HC? (linux/windows)
    Best Regards
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