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2011/01/05 14:19:12 (permalink)

Accounting & Hosting Controller

I have been using HC for about six months now and I am really happy with it. I do have a question. How do other web hosting companies do accounting for their reoccurring revenue such as web hosting when you have two systems in place example: Hosting Controller and Quickbooks. Can a few people give me an idea on what works for them. That would be great.
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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2011/01/05 21:33:39 (permalink)
    If your current billing/hosting panel can somehow export to Excel or a CSV then it would be possible to build an integration script (maybe a hook into the DB with a manual script?). You can use QB API for this as their API would provide you with options to develop your own module for automating all billing and its integration in the QB.

    BTW: Which Billing software are you using with HC? WHMCS or Integrated Billing Module of HC panel?

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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2011/01/06 10:43:42 (permalink)
    I am not using any billing software at this moment. I have been thinking about using the HC billing as my set up is simple. I am just trying to figure out how I can eliminate double data entry. charging a couple hundred accounts in quick books becomes a task. I am sure other hosting companies use quick books too.
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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2011/01/06 11:54:17 (permalink)
    You can use the HC Open API to integrate any billing script with the panel user.
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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2011/01/21 21:53:15 (permalink)
    Is there any solution like we can implement TAX according to different countries and their states for our customers. As my company have many customers from all over the world and I just want to follow their TAX policy is this possible through your Panel? or any road map to implement this feature in future?
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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2011/02/20 23:17:22 (permalink)
    I have also asked the same Tax options and they have told us that it would be provided in the next build. Lets hope for the best :)
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    Re:Accounting & Hosting Controller 2015/01/27 01:56:18 (permalink)
    I am updating this thread as it might help someone to integrate QuickBooks in their environment. Please see the link given below:
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