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2011/01/20 14:33:35 (permalink)

Exchange not detected

In an effort to replace my current CP, i downloaded  free trial HC8. I installed on Windows server 2008 R2 64bit and SQL server 2008. I have Exchange 2007 installed already.
After spending forever before i was able to login to HC8 control panel, the system did not detect my Exchange 2007 installation. Do i have to download a module or am i using the wrong Hosting controller version?
Thank you.

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    Re:Exchange not detected 2011/01/20 18:17:32 (permalink)
    I think your HC remoting service is not running under domain administrator account. Run it under domain admin account and also did you install HC on your HUB server ?
    As I know from their support team that its HC implementation to install it on HUB server. 
    Also couple of days ago when I was configuring  it, I found Exchange configuration video tutorial on HC website under products section, try this as well.
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    Re:Exchange not detected 2011/01/20 22:53:38 (permalink)
    Thanks men, that was the problem. I set  administrator account as logon for the remoting service and it is working fine.
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    Re:Exchange not detected 2011/06/15 07:12:04 (permalink)
    Thanks, simon , the video tutorial an HC website is very helpfull
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