Lockedfresh install - cannot add a new account

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2011/01/26 11:29:57 (permalink)

fresh install - cannot add a new account

just installed HC8 on server 2008 R2 Ent 64bit w/ sql 2008 enterprise (main server) and 2nd farm server on Server 2008 Ent 64bit). Have all configurations setup; no issues connecting to database, adding 2nd server in place, setting up reseller, plans, etc.  Have a reseller account setup for testing.  However, when trying to add a new account, we get an HC page /SignupManager/ResultInformation.aspx that "Error occurred while completing Auto Signup."
I cannot find anything in HC logs displaying to help out with the error.
Any thoughts?
(HC we own 2 WIN and 1 Linux licenses of v7 just never placed in production.  We will be upgrading these 2 WIN licenses to v8 once we get thru the beta test of v8)
Thanks in advance!!

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    Re:fresh install - cannot add a new account 2011/01/26 19:59:20 (permalink)
    This issue can come if you do not have same build installed on all the machines. I found this article from Kb store of HC and hope would help you too:
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    Re:fresh install - cannot add a new account 2011/01/27 05:56:43 (permalink)
    Thank you for your reply!
    This is what is perplexing...I have the same build on both Servers: build 8.00.0009.  These are both fresh new installs, both servers same hardware, same OS, same drive/partition setup, same everything.  Only difference is of course the main server has SQL on it, the 2nd sevrer does not.
    I'll open a ticket with HC and see if I can get their help with it.
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    Re:fresh install - cannot add a new account 2011/01/27 22:54:56 (permalink)
    Re-applying build9 may resolve your issue. Yes HC team are very helpful in resolving the issues as I contact them most of the times if I face any issue related to HC panel and have found them very helpful everytime.
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