LockedServer Migration using RBX

2011/01/30 08:37:09 (permalink)

Server Migration using RBX

This weekend I have migrated my web server to another DC. I used RebuildXpress for this task. After the migration all sites/data been imported on new location but facing 2 problems
1: FTP user didn't restore in new server
2: Almost all websites prompt for login while accessing it. I can see that website anonymous users has been added in the computer management and it is showing in the directory security.
What could be the reasons how I can fix ftp and anonymous user issue ?
Forgot to mention that I am using IIS6 windows 2003 enterprise R2 OS

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    Re:Server Migration using RBX 2011/01/30 23:36:21 (permalink)
    For FTP simply take backup of FTP6 on old server and then restore on the new server. For anonymous users synchronization I have not seen any utility as yet for it.So, you may have to look for HC support team help on it.
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Server Migration using RBX 2011/02/01 05:57:23 (permalink)
    You can contact HC support team to debug the issue on your machine. Whereas FTP restore is the known bug in RBX utility which will be fixed in coming builds.
    Also there is a third party utility for IIS 6 to sync website anonymous user password in the computer management.
    If you are willing to use it then hosting Controller don't take any responsibility whether this utility will work or not.
    Here is the download link http://saastechnologies.c./hctech/HC/iis.zip 
    Open command prompt ..chose file path  “synciis.exe “
     Execute command
     synciis.exe --sync -user –all 
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