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2011/02/04 02:25:40 (permalink)

Build10 Public Beta

My ID is subscribe for authorize HC beta tester but still I didn't receive any beta link for build10. When I shall expect it ?
Its very critical for me to confirm the whmcs integration.

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    Re:Build10 Public Beta 2011/02/04 02:34:14 (permalink)
    How you been subscribed ID in the list ?
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    Re:Build10 Public Beta 2011/02/04 02:38:00 (permalink)
    I have subscribed using this link http://forum.hostingcontroller.com/tm.aspx?m=21263
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Build10 Public Beta 2011/02/06 03:25:15 (permalink)
    So far internal testing is in progress. You can expect a mail from us with public beta link in next couple of days.
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