Lockedawstats web authentication not working

2011/02/11 06:28:29 (permalink)

awstats web authentication not working

I have disabled anonymous user on the stats virtual directory in the panel, When I access stats link  it prompt for the login but the problem is it don't accept the webadmin user login.
Even I am able to access HC panel with same credentials.
My question is where HC set the stats authentication so I could verify the password entry there ?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:awstats web authentication not working 2011/02/13 04:54:19 (permalink)
    If you have changed the webadmin user password then there is a chance the password is not updated in .htpasswd file.

    Go to /webspace/reseller/webadmin/domain.com
    Rename or remove existing .htpasswd file
    and excute following command
    htpasswd -cb webusers_domain.com.htpasswd webadmin webadmin-password
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