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2011/02/23 05:36:54 (permalink)

Build 10 questions

Can you explain the change in the database role?   Does this mean that all db servers in the cluster no longer need HC running on them?   Thanks.

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Build 10 questions 2011/02/23 06:15:46 (permalink)
    Yes, if a machine being only use for HC panel database (Not user db ) then there is no need of HC installation on it.
    How to remove HC installation on dedicated SQL machine
    1. Move ServerSettings.xml file from sql machine to HC web server  machine
    2.  Update db connection on remote machines using RegisteredServer.exe in HC installation path /hostingcontroller/Applications folder
    •   Database Server : Enter the IP address or Sql instance name of the dedicated SQL Server. 
    •    Database Server IP: Enter the IP address of first HC web server.
          3.   Restart HC Remoting service
          4. Stop HC services on DB machine , once you make sure that communication is working properly then remove the HC setup from sql machine.
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