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2011/02/25 07:59:12 (permalink)

Cant create reseller

I've installed HCnix in a vps and after a successful installation I cannot create a reseller. The error I get is:
Error : 73300070: Cannot get configuration parameter.
The only thing I have in my logs is:
[error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] PHP Notice:  Undefined offset:  0 in /usr/local/hostingcontroller/hcweb/HCPanel/UserManager/UserManager.php on line 596, referer:
But since the code is ioncube'd, I cannot check what is the problem.

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Cant create reseller 2011/02/25 09:19:34 (permalink)
    If you are running CentOS then follow this kb to upgrade php version from 5.1 into 5.2 which we recommend.
    Also try to install latest HCnix version which is available on http://hostingcontroller.com/english/ddirect.html
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    Re:Cant create reseller 2011/02/25 16:51:10 (permalink)
    I've tested with PHP 5.2.10 and with the latest version of HCnix (HCnix1.00.0004). Still the same error and still the same messages in error_log.
    Any other log files I should look at?
    Server has 512MB of Ram and it's only using 200MB
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Cant create reseller 2011/02/25 23:18:00 (permalink)
    In Server Manager > My Server :: Edit Server > Web Server Setting what path you set for the webroot storage location ?
    By the way you can contact our support department and provide the ssh access to resolve issue instantly.
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