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2011/03/01 04:36:14 (permalink)

Awstats not showing country IP list

Awstats sites which are running on Apache are not showing country IP , all they are showing " Unknown " , how can we fix this problem ?
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Re:Awstats not showing country IP list 2011/03/02 02:00:48 (permalink)
HC set DnsLookUp = 1 in the awstats config file, go to /etc/awstats check the domain file like and search for Dnslookup entry if it is 0 or 2 then change it with 1.
Globally you can change it in /usr/local/hostingcontroller/tools/awstats/wwroot/cgi-gin open awstats model.config file and set here 1 too. (this will apply for new stats site only )
This setting has been corrected by default in HC8 build10 linux installer.
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