LockedSmarterStats 6.x anyone?

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2011/04/24 04:09:13 (permalink)

SmarterStats 6.x anyone?

Is anyone using Smarterstats 6 with HC? I need to know if its compatible before upgrading.

HC is not sure about it... I find it a bit sad, because we invest in software (such as Serv-U and SmarterStats) and suddenly we're left alone with no support for newer versions :(
Anyone here would also enjoy tested compatibility with latest Smarterstats? There are so few options in terms of statistics software...

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    Re:SmarterStats 6.x anyone? 2011/04/24 04:19:05 (permalink)

    After a bit of insistance, Im told it does work :)

    HC please update the FAQ: http://portal.hostingcont...softwares-with-hc.aspx

    SmarterStats 6 has been tested with HC panel and it is working fine. You may also check it with your HC panel and do let us know if get any problem.

    Should you have any further query then fee free to contact us.
    Thank You
    Saqib Zafar
    Technical Support Engineer
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    Re:SmarterStats 6.x anyone? 2011/05/21 06:27:15 (permalink)
    Haven't yet upgraded from Smartermail 6.x to 7.x or 8.x, but have used Smartermail 7.x with HC and it works fine.
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    Re:SmarterStats 6.x anyone? 2012/05/12 06:45:06 (permalink)
    [We've been testing HC8 (latest build) with SmarterMail9 and SmarterStats7 and all works well apart from the following errors which incidentally are also reproducible with SmarterMail 8 and SmarterStats6.
    1. When you add or edit a mailbox via HC panel, if the password for the mailbox contains the ampersand character (&) then this password is not correctly synchronised with SmarterMail.
    2. When you add a website in HC panel for a user that has an ampersand character (&) in their password, the site is added in SmarterStats but the password is not correctly synchronised between HC and SmarterStats.
    3. In Server Manager, when you specify the master (Admin) login credentials for either SmarterMail or SmarterStats, it does not work correctly if the password contains an ampersand (&) character.
    Both SmarterStats and SmarterMail allow passwords with the ampersand (&) character without any errors so the bug is definitely in the integration between HC > SmarterMail and HC > SmarterStats.
    I agree with Luca 2: What's the point of investing in Smartertools if HC take their dear sweet time in support it!!!
    Their response is always the same - You may also check it with your HC panel and do let us know if get any problem.
    I did check it and reported the issues to HC above back in January 2012. I've had the usual emails blaming it on SmarterMail and then saying we'll post on our website when SM9 and SM7 are compatible. Come on HC - sort this out!!!!
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    Re:SmarterStats 6.x anyone? 2012/05/12 07:15:19 (permalink)
    Hi, Um
    Thanks for feedback, I didnt know about these issues. Im using latest smarterstats, had a bit of a hard time to convince HC to do some adjustments and understand the issues I reported. I believe its clear to them now, hopefuly fixes soon.
    1) For you, does it happen, when you click on the link to load smarterstats website from HC, it quickly fills the ID in the stats page, but then it disappears?
    2) The usability is not good. In HC6 it was better. It doesnt explain at all in the HC8 interface that you have to use, by default, same user and pwd as the one used in the panel...
    Also, I asked Smartertools if they can perhaps adjust this in a way that it doesnt require HC to fix it, which is the fact HC is not respecting default time zone defined for new sites in Smarterstats.
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    Re:SmarterStats 6.x anyone? 2012/05/12 10:24:01 (permalink)
    Hi Luca 2
    I've never experienced #1 and I agree with #2.
    I rememer HELM also used the control panel login details to access the stats.
    One other issue I've been expreriencing  (nothing to do with HC) is everytime I update SmarterMail 9 (with new release)
    some of the default domains settings are lost. One of the settings turned out to be a bug in SmarterStats
    which SM fixed, but I still have to manually change the following after an update:
    Domain Defaults > Features > Enable Exchange Web Services
    Domain Defaults > Limits > IMAP Retreival Accounts
    User Defaults > Webmail > Preview Pane
    I suppose I have to do a clean install and compage config files - but haven't had a chance yet.
    Do you have values for the above settings in your config file? They don't appear to be in mine.
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