Lockedoscommerce not working V3

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2011/04/25 14:25:25 (permalink)

oscommerce not working V3

Running HC8 Build 10
Server 03
In: special\oscommerce\includes\configure.php
On the line below it's putting :3306 after the IP of the server, if I remove it the site loads
define('DB_SERVER', 'x.x.x.x:3306');
Also leaving configure.php writeable
Still getting some line errors on some stuff after fix that but at least the site loads
Anyone else having this issue?

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    Re:oscommerce not working V3 2011/04/26 03:33:05 (permalink)
    HC please update all the Click apps version they are really out of dated.
    Re:oscommerce not working V3 2011/06/11 20:51:43 (permalink)
    I can see click and install applications upgraded in build11
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