Lockedinstall packs thinks mysql is local

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2011/06/08 14:03:35 (permalink)

install packs thinks mysql is local

so the install packs run through installation ok but but when i click on it i get access denied. it is because the app does not look on the correct mysql server even during setup it recognized the remote mysql server. it tries to authenticate locally. any ideas?

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    Re:install packs thinks mysql is local 2011/06/08 21:24:12 (permalink)
    You may be facing this issue because MySQL is configured to run on OR Localhost instead of machine ip in Server Manager > DB menu.
    Re:install packs thinks mysql is local 2011/06/09 02:46:48 (permalink)
    Use following command to make mysql server available for remote connection
    Grant all privileges on *.* to root@localhost identified by ‘root-password’,root identified by ‘root-password’ with grant option;
    # Flush privileges;
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    Re:install packs thinks mysql is local 2011/07/23 09:03:31 (permalink)
    Testing many things (CMSes, themes etc.) on the internet for me and many others is sometimes a big pain and it has many disadvantages. You need to buy a domain, to pay for hosting, to use your internet providers slow upload speeds to upload a files over ftp, whenever you want to change some configuration of Apache or PHP you have to contact your hosting provider and wait some time until they response and I could continue with other disadvantages.
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