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2011/06/26 18:03:21 (permalink)

WHMCS module issues

Last week we integrated Hosting controller with our WHMCS there we noticed lot of problems 
  1. User unable to reset the password
  2. Suspend user only disable user but not the website
  3. Terminate button not working
  4. The Major one, there are existing some other modules configured with our whmcs, for HC we must have to define Globally two customer fields " Panel Login Name & Panel Login Password " . These fields appear with other products services which not related to Hosting Controller. This simple break our other product services and non HC customer feels very inconvenient. 
    Which HC should do is not make it compulsory to define these 2 fields globally, you can change the integration where these fields could be defined against each product and services related to HC packages.

    For us it is impossible to wait for another build to change the implementation please do let us know when these problem will get resolve so we could actually use WHMCS with Hosting controller ?  

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/06/30 12:07:40 (permalink)
    Thanks for reporting these issues with detail we are working on this case and very soon we will upload the modified integrated file (HC.php ).
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    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/03 15:04:13 (permalink)
    If there are more than one websites hosted for a single customer, then all the subsequent websites are created under the webadmin of the first website that was created. This means, the other websites don't have their own FTP users and the first user will be able to access the data of all the other websites even if they don't belong to him. This is the major bug.
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/04 18:32:52 (permalink)
    Technically this is not a bug but in fact its our implementation. Because HC works on 3 level users ( Host > Reseller > webadmin ).
    If a webadmin have multiple domains then same webadmin will consider be the owner for all sites.
    In current situation the workaround is once the webadmin create another site then he can then add additional ftp for the new site.
    FYI: In next Hosting Controller version 9 we are planning to change the user directory structure. In V9 HC will store website on root of webspace directory i.e x:\webspace\domain.com. There will no more reseller/webadmin folder in the webspace folder. 
    This will make easier for host to transfer website in HC panel which not make any changes in the IIS, neither there will be no down time. Using this integration HC will create unique FTP user for every domain. This will automatically resolve your case in Whmcs as well.
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    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/09 14:01:25 (permalink)
    Nice to know that. When is the ETA for the version 9 to release?
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/09 14:42:24 (permalink)
    This is still under discussion internally but as soon as road map been finalize we will publically announce it.
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/09 20:16:19 (permalink)

    Nice to know that. When is the ETA for the version 9 to release?

    By removing reseller and webadmin directories wouldn't it make confusion for host while managing data on server. Its very easy to differentiate data for particular users when domain folder existed under specified user. 
    Maybe it is good at HC application point of view while setting ACL permission or website transferring between user but it would be wonderful if user could keep the existing directory structure.
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/08/09 20:21:51 (permalink)
    First of all its bit early to discuss this matter because our management didn't complete RND on this task. But we will make sure that all concerns of our customers should be entertained with new implementation.
    Just to assure you that when user will upgrade HC7/HC8 with HC9 we it will not effect existing website neither it will not move domains from reseller/webadmin directory. 
    And yes the new implementation will make it easy for customer to manage FTP account, setting ACL permissions, website migration/Transfer and on top of it same webadmin will be able to create windows and Linux website. which currently they can't do it in HC8 version.
    If any of our customer have any feedback which could improve the HC functionality then feel free to discuss with us.
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    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/09/29 16:51:08 (permalink)

    If any of our customer have any feedback which could improve the HC functionality then feel free to discuss with us.

    Interesting that you should say that, I had feedback recently that would greatly reducce the confusion for a customer in a NAT environment and was told that I had to put up with it or get support from other users before HC would even look at it.
    Back to the main reason for this thread, have you fixed the issues in the HC.php file for WHMCS yet. I have been trying for the last couple of days to get WHMCS working propery with HC and had to make some extensive modifications to the HC.php file to get it all to work. Even simple things like correct response strings were overlooked in the initial implementation.
    Moon, if you want a copy of my modified HC.php let me know. It fixes the issues that you mentioned and removes the requirement for custom fields.
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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/09/29 17:09:07 (permalink)
    Yes in build12 we have revised the whmcs integration and updated HC.php file
    Following queries has been taken care in build12
    Support for Whmcs 4.5.2
    Enhancement: In WHMCS, the User Can Now Define Custom HC Fields at Product Level without Defining it Globally
    Fixed: Where in WHMCS User was Unable to Change Password
    Fixed: Where in WHMCS User were Unable to Terminate Services
    Fixed: Where in WHMCS Suspend Button were not Stopping Website
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    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/09/29 17:19:38 (permalink)
    I am currently running build 12 and those issues were still apparent. I even downloaded the HC.php file from your site last night and the issues were still there. Do you have an updated WHMCS intergration document, as the only one I could find still referenced global custom fields and an old HC.php.
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:WHMCS module issues 2011/09/30 04:55:44 (permalink)
    In our local test environment and HC Beta testers have confirmed WHMCS fixes. I will suggest you to contact HC support team and provide them whmcs & HC panel login credentials to they verify configuration for you.
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