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2011/11/02 07:03:38 (permalink)

Templates in ticketing system

It would be really nice if we could define some templates in HC8 ticketing system, with some standard responses that we can use when replying a customer.

BTW, if I integrate with some other ticketing system as HC permits, how does it work? Does it fully integrate just like HCs internal system, send customer ticket #, track tickets via web, etc? What option do you guys recommend?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Templates in ticketing system 2011/11/04 04:38:36 (permalink)
    Full integration can only be done at system level after mutual agreement  between Hosting Controller and the ticketing provider.
    In past we contacted Smarter tools team but we couldn't reach to any conclusion.
    If there any other provider i.e kayako, SupportTrio want to integrate their system in the Hosting Controller then our door are open and we will welcome their integration request :)
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    Re:Templates in ticketing system 2011/11/04 11:13:44 (permalink)
    Thanks, Tahir.
    For me HC ticketing is fine. What about my suggestion, could it be done? Have templates (messages pre-made) that we can easily add when answering?
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