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2012/02/06 06:00:58 (permalink)

Behaviour of ticketing - please give me your opinion

Hi, everyone

HC did some nice improvements as per our request in ticketing system. They added possibility to attach files, they added a column indicating who replied last (resadmin or web admin) with date/time of last reply. Its much better now, thanks HC :)
But 2 things remain, perhaps they consider less important, so Im hoping someone agrees with me :)
1) When you reply a ticket in HC8 it goes back to the listing of tickets. I have to find the ticket I just replied, ask to view it again, to be able to close it. I much prefer the way it was in HC6, after you reply a ticket, it stays on the same ticket, making it easier to close ticket if you desire to do so.
2) Theres only 1 problem with new system that tells us who replied last, reseller or webadmin. AFAIK the only way to open ticket inside a customer's login (webadmin) is to log as them and open the ticket.
Problem is, lets say I open ticket as a webadmin, it will show in column that last reply was the webadmin user, but it actually was resadmin that opened the ticket. So that makes it harder to know who answered last, which is really important so you easily know if your reply is the last.
Perhaps something can be done regarding this.

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    Re:Behaviour of ticketing - please give me your opinion 2012/02/22 13:07:42 (permalink)
    I thought the same thing about closing tickets.  Either return us to the screen so we can close it or give us a "Reply and Close" button separate from the standard reply button.  Also related to this, when we close a ticket, don't take away the "updated on" date and time.  That's helpful sometimes to see how long a ticket has been going.
    I have a couple of other suggestions for the ticket system:
    1. Give us a way from within the ticket screen to view more about the account with the problem.  As it stands, we have to look at the ticket and then go search out the info about the user or domain name.  Is there a way to get a pop up or something with info about the account like mailboxes, domains, etc.?
    2. Give us a notes field.  Sometimes if we are working on multiple tickets at once it is helpful to be able to make notes on a ticket without the customer seeing it.  This is also helpful if another tech looks at the ticket.
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    Re:Behaviour of ticketing - please give me your opinion 2012/03/24 07:30:48 (permalink)
    Great tips there. I agree.
    HC, can you pls consider these improvements WrightWeb and I suggested?
    Also I reported an issue where you log as a user (impersonating as resadmin), then another, then you reply a ticket as resadmin and it shows responded by user xx (one of the webadmin users I had logged as, impersonating via resadmin). Anyways, have a ticket on that. Perhaps change this method of having to log as a user, let resadmin really open a ticket on behalf of someone and show "Opened on behalf of resadmin".
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    Re:Behaviour of ticketing - please give me your opinion 2012/10/16 07:06:32 (permalink)
    Just to say, I had to ask my employees to use 2 browsers... They disliked it :) To avoid the personification issue. So always personificate users on 1 browser, reply tickets on another, to avoid the problem of your answer being label as some other user...
    Really, I believe theres space for improvement, as per Wrightweb wrote...
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