LockedHow things are going with HC8 build13?

2012/02/25 04:07:14 (permalink)

How things are going with HC8 build13?

Im' still using HC8 build 12 although I have some problems with it, Im afraid to update my servers to build 13 because any new build could bring some pain.
Is there someone using HC8 Build 13 in a production environment with more than a server and using WHMCS as billing system?
What are  the pros and cons?
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    Re:How things are going with HC8 build13? 2012/02/29 02:05:26 (permalink)
    Nobody is using Build 13?
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    Re:How things are going with HC8 build13? 2012/03/06 05:26:00 (permalink)
    I still dont update to build 13 because this release has some very BAD changes for me.
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    Re:How things are going with HC8 build13? 2012/03/06 13:31:46 (permalink)
    I installed build .13 last night, only had one minor problem.
    The version number for my Mail Server was not incremented in the database. The Web Servers were correctly incremented. I checked the registry and the version # was correct on that server, so after talking with someone at HC I just updated the HC database manually.
    Other than that one minor problem it appears to be stable.
    I am not using HC with WHMCS at this time as these are legacy servers.
    In reading the release notes I understand why they have made the change with regards to the users and think that it is a good move. In the long run this should provide better isolate between users and fewer transfer issues between web admins, something we have had problems with in the past. I may also help prevent someone from  hacking multiple sites via the web admin. On the other hand it will prevent web admins from managing multiple sites via one login.
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