LockedFTP for subdomains

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2012/04/01 14:25:54 (permalink)

FTP for subdomains

Perhaps, since now its 1 FTP site per domain, when creating a subdomain, HC should offer to create FTP automatically, no?

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:FTP for subdomains 2012/04/02 10:04:28 (permalink)
    Yes, HC will ask for FTP user credentials during sub domain creation. Make sure Webadmin does have quota of resource " FTP Accounts"
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    Re:FTP for subdomains 2012/04/03 19:00:57 (permalink)
    Hi, Tahir
    Oh, ok, so HC already does this as long as theres quota, right? Thing is the change broke all our plans, as we have plans for example with 1, 2 FTP's... And user has unlimited subdomains...
    Theres no way to offer unlimited FTPs just for subdomains, right?

    I guess Im gonna have to raise number of FTPs and still work case by case. If a customer has 20 subdomains, Id have to open an exception and sell him some courtesy FTP's so he can manage them.

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    Re:FTP for subdomains 2012/04/09 14:09:45 (permalink)
    We're in the same boat Luca2.  Additional FTPs have always been an upsell or add-on for us.  Now, with this new way of doing things, we've lost that revenue stream!  Not happy about this.
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