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Right now I rent a 1/2 rack in the datacenter and I do things kind of the 'you wouldn't need all these servers - just do virtual and you will even have better performance' so it's time to upgrade.. and I really only have 3 working dedicate servers to begin with.. 2 others are just sitting there off because they don't work.. anyways.
So this is my attempt to go modern. Right now I don't give my users any kind of access what-so-ever and anything I do has a command line script. I needed something that does windows server and linux/unix. I just bought x2 2U servers.. and 1 sas with 16 trays. My ideal solution would be:
Server1 - my main 'cloud virtualization' 'controller' which has all the websites. As well have name server 1 and mail server 1..
SAN - Backups and 'host' the virtual machines if thats possible.. or at least provide the storage solution..
Server 2 - fail over. Exact Mirror of Server 1 - If hardware fails then this is when Server 2 would kick in 'on the fly' - if I restart server 1 then people will still get their emails, websites up, and such. This will have dn2 & mx2.
Does HC do the installation for you? Will I need to buy two licenses for server1 and server2? Is this even possible? 
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    Seems you would require only single HC key for Server 1 because replica or mirror this is what not support by the HC panel. Which you might have to manage it manually.
    AFAIK HC support offer free installation services.
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