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2012/04/19 07:46:15 (permalink)

Inconsistancies in HC's plans, changing customer's plan, etc

Hi, everyone

Wonder if you agree with me...
1) Lets say you have a customer that is on plan "Normal", a plan with mysql, a lot of disk space, email accounts, unlimited subdomains and SSL.
Customer asks to migrate to a PARKING PLAN which does NOT have mysql, has little disk space, has few email accounts, does not have subdomains and SSL.
If you try to switch plan, the parking plan simply does NOT appear. HC also does not inform WHY, what add ons that exist in the original plan (Normal) that don't exist in the parking plan. This is the 1st issue, IMHO HC should inform us.
So we have to compare both plans, see the differences. Then we have to temporarily add unlimited SSL, unlimited subdomains, mysql, etc. to the parking plan.
Now we can switch. Then we go back to parking plan and remove these add ons again.
It shouldnt be so hard. Also what's strange is HC doesnt let you switch plan even if user DOES NOT use these add ons that dont exist in the parking plan but exist in his current plan.
So, at least, HC should tell us WHY it cant switch plan, not simply not show the parking plan. Ideal would be if it could check to see if something is really out of the quota customer has and tell us what.
2) Another issue is when you want to change a single add on in a plan. If there's a single customer who was some add on that's NOT in accordance with plan, HC does not let you change the plan.
IMHO this is incorrect and gave us a hard time as we tried to fix hundreds of plans after an HC6 migration. Imagine, you want to change some add on, lets say now you wanna give customers unlimited MySQLs in a certain plan.
HC doesnt let you saying that there are 5 customers using more disk space then the plan permits. But what does disk space have to do with MySQL? :)
All we want is to change the MySQL add on, its NOT related to disk space. HC should let us change its amount... But no, we have to first fix any plan inconsistancies. SO lets say there are 10 customers with disk space out of what plan offers, 5 other customers are using more email accounts then plan offers. So first sell add ons to these customers... Then finally you can change the # of mysql databases...

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    Re:Inconsistancies in HC's plans, changing customer's plan, etc 2012/04/19 19:03:04 (permalink)
    Oh Flavio, we so often seem to be on the same page about these things...
    You're absolutely right.  Now I know HC is not H-Sphere or any other panel, but just as HC has advantages over other panels, there are things HC could learn from them.  We migrated from H-Sphere in August to escape Parallels, so I have something to compare to here.
    First issue, downgrading plans.  In H-Sphere, when you were changing plans you would be able to choose from any plan that the administrator had placed in the same "group".  If there were resources missing from the destination plan, it would present you with a screen saying "Your current disk space quota is 1 GB and your new quota will be 500 MB" and so on.  Likewise, resources that were totally missing would be shown here.  It didn't check to see if they were in use - and in my opinion shouldn't.  You want to present the customer with a full picture of what they are losing by switching plans, regardless of whether they use it now, they may have plans that would need it later.  This was a big pain for us after our migration because some accounts ended up on plans that they shouldn't have and it was very difficult to correct.
    Second issue:  altering plan resources.  This is a HUGE issue for us even still (8 months later).  We still have plans that aren't right because we can't figure out what resource in what account is holding us up.  Even when it tells you, sometimes we still cannot figure out the problem.  We've asked support multiple times and been given little guidance other than to read what it says.  You're absolutely right... if we want to change the number of FTP accounts (for this new FTP system) we sometimes can't until we fix all of these other problems that have NOTHING to do with FTP.
    Fixing these issues would absolutely help to make administering an HC cluster easier for us.
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