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FastCGI / suPHP compatibility with HC

I'm using HC8 build 12 and my clients often complain about permission problems when they're using CMS or E-commerce software (Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, etc), when they install them via FTP, this is because those softwares don't recognize the FTP user as an Apache user and then they consider all files and folders as "non-writable", and then I have to manually give files and folders the "apache" owner or give them world-writable permissions to make them work, that it isn't such a comfortable, nor secure, operation.
I know that installing Php modules such as FastCGI or suPHP would solve this issue, but my question is: will HC work well with this modules installed on Linux servers?
Thank you
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    Re:FastCGI / suPHP compatibility with HC 2012/11/06 07:33:43 (permalink)
    I' have the same problem.
    is there to know how to solve the problem??
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