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2012/05/12 14:49:46 (permalink)

Import Website ERROR

import website I am working and still writes to me
Error : 70701200 : You do not have the required resource quota.
I have added a new user with unlimited hosting plan
and still writes me an error
where we make mistakes?
Thank you

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    Re:Import Website ERROR 2012/06/06 06:32:55 (permalink)
    The resource would be a problem because even a single resource could lead to such problem.
    I too had similar issue but found this solution:
    1. Edit your Unlimited Plan from Hosting Plans :: My Plans :: Edit Plan.
    2. It would throw an error alongwith the resource which is cause of all problem. View Error Report.
    3. You can either exclude this resource or sell a quota to the end user or reseller under which you are facing this issue.
    This would help you in sorting out quota violation issue and then you would be able to import websites into HC panel too.
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