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2012/05/27 06:04:47 (permalink)

Moving from Server 03 to Server 08

Currently I have 2 servers
1. Windows Server 03 (Running HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, MailEnable, MSSQL, MySQL)
2. Linux CentOS (Running HTTP, HTTPS, DNS)

Both Have HC8 installed with RBX
I purchased a new server with Windows Server 08 and I want to move my data from the Server 03 to Server 08
Can RBX help with this? or does it have to be the same OS?
I don't mind configuring, installing HC8, etc, etc on the windows server and manually moving over everything but then how would I sync up my linux server to it?
Please help
Thank you!

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    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Moving from Server 03 to Server 08 2012/05/27 06:18:31 (permalink)
    Yes you can migrate server even if there are version difference. Here are the useful Article about RBX backup/restore on new location
    Backup : http://portal.hostingcontroller.com/KB/a135/how-to-use-rbx-to-backup-hc-data.aspx
    Restore : http://portal.hostingcontroller.com/KB/a104/how-to-restore-hc-data-using-rbx.aspx
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