LockedIceWarp copies in and copies out support

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2012/06/27 05:51:11 (permalink)

IceWarp copies in and copies out support


Can you please consider to let user add copy in and copy out in email accounts for IceWarp? Its an important feature. Notice that COPY IN is different then FORWARD TO (which HC supports), as FORWARD TO any user can see in webmail, and many times boss wants to COPY IN all emails users receives (and copy out) without user knowing.

Also miss the field FULL NAME (name as appears if user sends via webmail).
Pls consider these improvements to icewarp? I wont even ask to be able to enable antispam, etc. as user can do that via webmail...
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    Re:IceWarp copies in and copies out support 2012/07/22 08:23:58 (permalink)
    Pls, can someone reply if there's this possibility? Such feature is really important for us, for the explained reasons.
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