LockedMy experience with RBX + request to save MySQL and SQL Server pwds...

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My experience with RBX + request to save MySQL and SQL Server pwds...

Dear HC,

I really never got any detailed feedback to the suggestions/issues I had with RBX, which was very useful (life saver!), but did present a few issues. Please check if any of this happens to other customers also, perhaps it can help. I dont need any immediate help as server, as you know, has already been migrated.

Pls, if you can a least keep us posted when RBX supports storing mysql and sql pwds, Id appreciate it. I believe its not so hard, at least new databases, HC could ALSO store their pwds in its database.Also check what I wrote about charset, pls. Im confident something happened with HC not using utf8 correctly, as I had to export DBs with other tool to eliminate accents issue on all DBs...
and also please check the issue on redirects, which caused us a lot of work to fix by hand.
The rest I guess might have been specific issues to my installation and fact that I want from HC6 to HC8.
***** suggestions for improvements and/or documentation

- as I informed last migration, RBX does not export mysql DBs as utf8, result sites with accents problems and I had to do a new dump and restore of all db's with other software to fix that (I use Mysql auto backup and recopied all DBs from old server to new - its relatively easy to do that with this shareware). HC should generate the dumps in UTF8 or at least inform customer that it doesnt and alternatives...

- The fact that it doesnt bring Mysql pwds is really bad. A host cant simply tell users to change themselves.

Solution is easy, you can add a tip in documentation... Simply export MYSQL table from old server to new. Then it brings all pwds. Copying data folder does NOT work for me (mysql wont start), so the trick is to really bring the mysql table from old server.

****** problems

- bug? redirect ta http://www.website.com.br,permanent/

this happened with many sites with redirects!! all of them that have redirects. HC somehow I think put this ,permanent/ in the URL and I have to fix manually.

*** other, strange
- problems brining default documents for sites. For examplein old server, both HC and IIS have all the documents, but after migration some (ex: index.php) was not added for some reason.

same with some DSNs... were in old HC, but didnt bring them over.

- HC did not bring the correct TTL of hosts from simpledns.

// end
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