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2012/08/17 07:50:57 (permalink)

HC Ticketing - small issue with signatures

I had an issue with trouble tickets, which was finally fixed, I couldnt edit the trouble ticket templates, HC found the problem happened only in Firefox and fixed it.
Then I tried to explain something to one of the HC technicians, but he seems to have a hard time to understand it and doesn't give me a clear answer. And its quite simple. So here it is, my last attempt at showing something that IMHO you guys should fix.
- Please consider adjusting the troubleticket template, as I did for portuguese, in english.
Reason: this signature "Regards, Technical Support Team / Owner support company" appears even if webadmin opens a new ticket or replies to a ticket. And it's very confusing, because imagine, webadmin signs the message, for example "Best regards, Joe". Then below his signature appears "Regards, Technical support team / Name of resadmin company", mixed with user's signature. But it was NOT tech support team/resadmin that answered (it was the webadmin!), so it shouldnt, of course, show signed by resadmin company :)

If HC had some mechanism to only add that if resadmin replied, then it would be ok, but since it doesnt, IMHO the solution is simple, the same as I did in portuguese, REMOVE THE SIGNATURE from the template OR if you prefer, change it.
Instead of Regards, Technical support team / Name of resadmin
Put something like "Powered by name of company resadmin is related to"...
Its a simple text change in the template.



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